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Rustic Waterfront Wedding

This was the first Buffalo wedding I created a few years back. The bride requested a rustic chic theme and was on a fairly low budget. We began searching for the event venue and when we started to realize that classic wedding venues would be out of the question for her budget, I had to think outside the event hall. That's when I found the Marcy Casino at Delaware Park. Delaware Park is the prized Buffalo park where the beautiful Japanese and rose garden are located. The "Casino" as they call it is a beautiful event venue that was just the right size for her wedding, and sat overlooking a serene lake. And the very sweet cherry on top was that it costs a fraction of your average even hall. Now it was time for the fun part- wedding planning. To deliver on the bride and grooms style and budget, I picked up vintage and thrift store frames in gold, collected mason jars and lace and burlap ribbon to create a effortless wedding centerpiece that, when accompanied by the pale fresh flower palette resulted in exactly what the bride and groom dreamed of. Sometimes as an event planner, I have to get really hands on and create decor. And that's ok because it really gave the wedding that rustic homemade feel but with chic elements like the ethereal rose garden where the bride sat for part of the wedding ceremony. The second half of the ceremony took place right by the water. It was absolutely beautiful. The newlyweds were ecstatic with the whole wedding, and that's my job as a wedding planner, to simply make you happy and relieve you of all the stress of event planning.

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