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Beat The Heat. Weddings in Miami

After moving to Miami and refreshing our event planning business, I understand that there is a huge difference in planning a down here in south Florida, where the heat is constantly the star of the show. The truth is, planning a Florida wedding is really dreamy. If you're from out of town, telling all your guests that you are having a destination wedding, and that its in beautiful sunny Florida is charming. No need to grab your passports and fly to countries where you don't know their restrictions. Right here in the US, you can have that dreamy beach wedding where everyone will feel like they are on a vacation getaway. But with that comes the heat. People aren't really prepared when we tell them that Miami is hot. The hottest months are obviously July trough September, August being the hottest and most humid. And who doesn't want a summer wedding? So how do you get it all in one package and still stay cool calm and collected? Let me tell you.

Location. Location. Location. The venue is the first thing you look for when planning your big day. It sets the scene and the tone for the whole wedding. Choosing the right wedding venue is crucial to ensuring you have everything you need that day and knowing what they do and don't include in their contracts so you can better manage your budget. The allure of having an outdoor wedding is great until you have it in south Florida. Outdoor ceremonies are romantic. But you don't want your guests sweating buckets by the time it's time to dance indoors. Choose to do your ceremony later in the day around sunset and make sure to provide extra cooling. Outdoor AC's are great options and can be placed several feet away so that they don't ruin pictures yet still create a cool and comfortable atmosphere. Placing paper or handheld electric fans on each chair at the ceremony is an extra touch to tell your guests you are thinking of them in the little details. Choosing a shaded spot under some beautiful trees can also be something to think about. And when doing an outdoor ceremony at your Miami wedding, remember to make it brief and beautiful. Timing is key so lets keep the long speeches for the reception.

Move the reception indoors. You can choose a location that overlooks the water so that after your outdoor ceremony, you can still keep the vacation vibes while partying indoors. Miami and all of south Florida is known for their beachfront hotels. There are plenty of options to choose from that offer waterfront view reception halls.

If you are still adamant about having that fully outdoor wedding, either choose cooler months (yup, we have them!)

or rent tents. You can choose clear tents to maintain the outdoor feeling and still be able to have a star lit sky reception. But remember that clear tents still allow the sun to penetrate, so outdoor AC is still very much required. And make sure to have them set up and running from the very beginning of the day, so that by the time you enter the tent, it is nice and cooled.

Draped tents are just as beautiful and are easier to cool. Choose one with out the walls so that you and your guests can enjoy the views.

Refreshments are key. When thinking of your menu, tell your wedding planner, or caterer to provide plenty of cooling options. Ice water stations separate from the bar are accommodating and great for the photos. Glass water decanters filled with ice, and fruits like citrus, berries and cucumbers are esthetically pleasing and refreshing. This allows your guests to grab a thirst quencher without having to wait in line at the bar.

Ice cream! Shall I say more? Who doesn't love ice cream? Instead of a hot and heavy chocolate soufflé, go for ice cream! You can turn it into a whole station, upscale, with gourmet dulce de leche sauces and chopped fruits and nuts. Or you can do ice cream bars with gold leaf, or candy pearls.

Easy on the soles. Have a wicker basket by the dance floor filled with white flip flops. This may not beat

the heat, but if you are doing a beach front wedding, this is a fun addition. It gives the women the option to kick off those heels they have been wearing all night and extend their dance floor time. And it also adds more to the Florida wedding feeling.

When planning your Florida wedding, just remember to remember your guests. You want them to have a great time and stay all night celebrating with you. It's all in the details.


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